Monday, July 16, 2012

A Story to Tell--What's Yours?

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I write a column in our church newsletter called "The Person in the Next Pew" and I try to include men, women, children, teenagers, new personnel, and shut-ins. It's a way to get to know new members, visitors, and those who have worshiped in our church most of their adult lives.

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 I finished an article a few weeks ago for an upcoming issue on a lady who is 95 years young !  It was amazing to me that there I sat in the presence of another Christian who has lived during the times of the last 17 presidents.  She has voted in every election for the last 74 years!

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She sure had a story to tell.  She is very personable, witty, intelligent, and plugged into what is going on in America today.  She sure gives the rest of us in any younger generation pause when we can't or don't keep up.  She is a voracious reader and works the crossword puzzles in 2 newspapers daily!  Can't beat that for staying young.

I've learned so very much about our church members and have new friends because I interviewed them.  Our members say they enjoy the articles and have learned so much about our very interesting and talented membership.

Most every person I've interviewed has said at the outset that they can't imagine what I'll find to write about them.  They are surprised when they read the finished product.  Every person has a story whether they are 6 or 95!  These articles have proven that. 

Perhaps your church would like to try this way of introducing each of its members.  There are lots of stories to be told!