Monday, September 28, 2009

Counting Our Blessings

Grammy and Granddaddy were off to see the grandchildren late Friday afternoon. There were plenty of hugs, kisses, and squeals to go around~~and that was just the beginning to a great time with the 2 most wonderful grandchildren in the world!

If I ever want a boost emotionally, all I have to do is spend time with these 2 beautiful, loving children. Our 5 year old granddaughter said "Grammy you don't have to bring me anything, it's enough just to have you and Granddaddy here for a visit." As my husband is known for saying "life doesn't get any sweeter than this." I have to believe that the love a child has within is one of God's most perfect gifts to us His children.

Our son-in-law and my husband finished building the pergola while the girls met for lunch and shopping. And as predicted in a previous blog, the girls had me laughing hysterically at times. I know my grandchildren must have wondered what in the world was happening to Grammy. If laughing makes you live longer, then I'm going to be here a long time!

I'm glad our 2 men had this time of male bonding. I think it's important for the younger men and younger women to have time with older Christians. We always enjoy our time with our "children" no matter whether working or playing. Their young take on the world energizes us and helps us see the issues they face in today's society.

In my Seattle blog, I mentioned that my husband decided for us to go to Seattle. The following is why I said he decided, not we decided (aside from the fact that it was a surprise for me). We both feel there can only be one head of the household and that is the husband. I believe my place is beside my husband in making decisions, but the ultimate outcome of anything we do that needs a decision rests with him.

I am very willing to give him that place in our marriage because I believe that's what the Bible directs. We discuss every situation that we face, but I trust that he will listen to what God's will is for us. I know he prays about big decisions we must make and seeks God's divine will. We have been challenged many times through trials in our 37 years of marriage, but he has made very sound decisions because he has trusted God.

We believe there is a "plan" for all of us to follow per the Bible's teachings. It's amazing how well life goes along when we stick to the plan. That doesn't mean bad things won't happen, because they do. We had a daughter that died after 22 days of life. We could not have gone on to find joy in this life if God had not been there undergirding us every step of the way. We could not have celebrated her short life without the insight God has given us to be thankful in all things.

Almost on a daily basis, my husband and I talk about how good God has been to us. We have healthy children (and their mates) and grandchildren, we have the love of family, we have been enabled to help others, and we've had a good marriage.

The things that we've accumulated are incidental to the above. We've never placed great value on things, because we know those are not lasting. The love we've received from God, the mercy He shows us even before we ask, and the grace He imparts to us daily are what we hold onto as our true blessings.

He has helped us focus on what we have and not on what we have not. We are imperfect, but we worship the one, true, perfect God. And when you know that, you can get through anything! This time in this world is minute compared to our time with Him in eternity.

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  1. Just checking in on you. You have not posted in a week! I know you have had some fun since then to tell us about :)