Thursday, September 24, 2009

Living the Scenic Route

This has been a busy morning and it's just 10:30am! When you are a stay-at-home wife, there's always something to do with your time. We were up by 6am, which is a little late for us, and preparing for our day. Our 2 male kittens had to take their turn at the vet's office. I felt so sorry for them as I placed each of them in the cat taxi, but I know it's best to have the surgery. The vets' office is on a farm adjacent to their living quarters. This is a husband wife team~~one handles large animals and the other small animals.

They are about 40 minutes from where we reside, just off a road designated as a scenic by-way. I love taking the scenic route anywhere. Typically I will arrive at
taking one route and depart going a different route just to see what there is to see. Today, I took a wrong turn for about 5 minutes and realized my error, but to my delight where I turned around there was a cut flower farm! This afternoon when I return to fetch the kittens, I hope to stop by the farm to explore. I can hardly wait!

This Saturday, if the rain holds off, we will be at our older daughter's home and my husband will assist our son-in-law with the building of a pergola. This will be the fourth pergola he has either built alone or helped with. The first one was at our cabin in the mountains.

I adore sitting on the porch there under the pergola in the swing, sipping ice tea, listening to the sounds of rushing water in the river, and watching the butterflies flutter around the Butterfly Bushes. That's certainly at the top of my list of simple pleasures. And if you have a grandchild snuggled beside you, it's almost divine.
While the men grapple with their project, the women and children will meet at an outlet mall for a little fall perusing and lunch out. Our "girls" are a hoot sometimes when we are together. They make me laugh to the point of tears and silly giggles! I'm so blessed to have daughters to enjoy spending time with. Being a woman is one of the best blessings I have.

While on my scenic route this morning, I saw lovely purple Morning Glories~~isn't that a perfect name. While in the mountains this summer with my mother and sister, I snapped a great picture of some blue Morning Glories outside an antique shop near Asheville. I'll have to find that for you.

Dinner time will be here before I know it, so I've got to get busy making a pasta salad with chicken before I return to the vets' office. Also I have some volunteer mailings to finish. Laundry is always calling my name because my husband wears two changes of clothing daily~~one for his real job and the other for his farm which keeps him sane. I walk at least 45 minutes a day and sometimes I walk it a second time depending on who calls to walk with me, so there's plenty of sweaty clothing in my hamper as well.

Tomorrow's to-do list:)

  1. Release post surgery kittens

  2. Pick-up 75 cupcakes and take to outreach ministry school

  3. Go to high school and walk with ROTC students

  4. Prepare items to take with me for time with grandkids Saturday

  5. Call exterminator about ants

  6. Pick fresh basil for pizza

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  1. um, yes. looking forward to seeing you this weekend, missy.