Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Girls!

Tomorrow is a HUGE day in our family! Our daughters have the same birthday three years apart. My husband is a twin and we thought we might possibly be blessed with twins, but we got the next best thing with identical birthdays for our daughters. Our daughters are each very precious to us.

Every birthday was a big deal with these two. More people acknowledged their big day because they shared it. It was always so novel that it garnered alot more attention for them. People would drop by throughout the week leaving gifts or they would send a card or present in the mail. For them, it was almost like Christmas. Birthdays would last a week because by the time they received mail, gifts from a variety of adults, and then we would have a birthday party (or as they got older they each had a party) it would be a week's worth of celebrating!

The older daughter is a UNC graduate majoring in political science and the younger is an ECU graduate with a degree in communication.

The first born can talk anybody into giving her their money--aka a fund raising whiz. She is quick to take a casserole when a family is suffering a loss. And she always has a long to-do list. She learned this early on when during the summer break from school I would post a list of chores suited to their ages and abilities that needed to be completed before playing. She liked checking off each task as it was finished.

The younger daughter has the gift of music. She is creative in a number of ways, such as poetry. She would go to her room and return to me in 5 minutes with a poem she had written on the spur of the minute! She was always thinking about others feelings as a child and still does. She empathizes with others when their lives take a nose dive. She likes keeping a calendar and list full of projects and work.

They each have the gift of making us laugh. They like girly activities such as pedicures, manicures, massages, shopping and dining out. I thoroughly enjoy their friendship now as adults and like going on excursions with them. They are different in alot of ways, but both are beautiful with their dark good looks.

They keep in constant contact with us and we feel blessed that they are still close to us. We make a point of seeing each other as often as possible. They have enriched our lives more than they know.

Happy Birthday Debbie Dianne and Pippy (names their Dad used for them in one of the many bedtime stories he created) or is it Morgan and Jordan (names they used when they pretended to have jobs). And of course, there was Lynn Culture they were always paging when they pretended to be working at the K Mart service desk.


  1. Excuse me, I believe Pippi is misspelled in the post above. Thank you, Debbie Diane

  2. LOL. You are both wrong. It was Pippi Rae!