Monday, March 8, 2010


I am ready to turn over a new leaf in regards to our home decor. Out with the February hearts and red hues along with snow flakes etc from our door decorations and other items around our home. I am soooo ready for spring and warm breezes. We've had more cold weather and cold winds this winter than usual and I'm ready for a change.

I have taken all things spring from the closets and other recesses of our home and set about reconfiguring what I already had from previous years so as to be a little more frugal. It's fun seeing how I can use the same items a second or third time and come up with something entirely different.

The green wicker chair from the sun porch has been given a new home in the breakfast room. To cozy up the chair, I placed a purple chenille pillow edged in ball fringe. It just screams spring to me now! It's a good seat for sipping my oversized cup of coffee in the morning.

In the nook over our refrigerator in the kitchen, I have a vase of spring flowers along with a robin's egg blue tea pot and a lovely creamer with pastel flowers painted on it.

In the breakfast room, the table is covered with a white cloth that is stenciled with green ivy that my sister gave me some years ago when I assisted her with a tea party in her home for a friend. The table is set with greens and whites. At the center of the table, is a cloche I purchased last year while in Lancaster County Pennsylvania and I added a nest of green moss and tiny blue eggs. The napkins in the jadite cups and saucers are actually vintage hankies I've collected over the years. I love using them whenever I can for display especially.

This bunny has been a part of our family since the early eighties as well as the one at the top of this post. This year he sits in a nest of green moss and adds a touch of spring to our small tea cup china cabinet. The colorful artwork behind him is a painting I picked up last Mother's Day on a day trip to Washington, NC with our youngest daughter.

Something else I love to do to invoke thoughts of warmer days is light a ginger peach candle. It smells so good and yummy!

At the end of the summer, I broke a piece of my pink angel wing begonia and rooted it. It's blooming now and lightens my heart to walk into the breakfast room and see the little pink blooms hanging there. It gives me hope that warmer days are on the way!

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  1. I can't wait for spring either! We need to get back to Washington too!