Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rain, Wonderful Rain and Other Weekend Ramblings!

Even though the rain could have put a damper on my weekend (baby shower for niece, time spent with grandchildren, travel), I was like a child almost to the point of going out and playing in the rain this past weekend and early this week because we were ecstatic to have several rainy days.

We had less than an inch of rain in March and April!!! Even though we were very dry, our garden (the onions and green peas are flourishing), flowers, and grass have maintained. We've had a good number of unseasonably cool days this spring which may have helped with the impact on plants from the lack of moisture. I have been saving dish water, and run off from when I'm waiting for hot water to come from the spigot and using it on my flowers. We are on city water, so I try to make good use of it.

I'll share a few pictures from our niece's baby brunch/shower Saturday. She's due in a month! We didn't want to have the shower too early, but the last month made it a little more difficult on her I'm afraid. Scheduling was the culprit here--hers and mine.

My sisters-in-law and I have produced 11 showers, brunches, or teas over the last 12 years for brides or mothers-to-be in our family. We have kept notes and pictures and pretty much have all this down to a science. Saturday the brunch went off without a hitch and everyone including the hostesses had a great time. We plan to put a book together for the next generation of women to take over some day.

It's a wonderful thing to be able to celebrate the anticipation of a new life. Children are certainly a gift from God. We are their caretakers for such a short time and then they are out of the nest. Fortunately we established a close relationship with our daughters and now with our grandchildren and we hear from them often. Our 2 year old grandson was calling me this morning before 7am. He can't say Grammy yet so he says MeMe. Too cute!

One sweet memory I have of this past weekend, is cutting nasturtiums for the brunch plates in my flower garden with our 6 year old granddaughter. She appreciates the flower garden like her Grammy and she held the bag for the flowers as I cut them. We were almost giddy while in the flower garden because it had rained the night before and everything was refreshed. Since this particular flower is edible, we used them as a garnish on the brunch plates. We had a lovely meal of cheesy grits, 2 breakfast casseroles, carrot muffins, fruit salad, white grape juice/ginger ale spritzer, a small yogurt/granola/blueberry parfait, and coffee.

Thanks to our daughter's friend, we had blue hydrangeas for our centerpieces on 2 tables and my sister-in-law had blue bachelor buttons for the third table. We tried to carry through with a blue theme since the expected baby is a boy.

The grandchildren and I met my mother and sister in Clayton for lunch Sunday at the Rockin Comet Diner. The food was tasty and there was a good variety on the menu. Each of us ordered something different and we were all happy with our plates. It was smoke free and had a family friendly atmosphere. As you can see above, we did not lack for entertainment!

It was a full weekend, but with lots of good things. I definitely crashed on Monday night after all the busy-ness of the weekend.

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