Friday, June 4, 2010

Enchanted Tea Time

Today our granddaughter is visiting and we had a tea party in a new spot. For several years now we have had the tradition of having a tea party almost every time she visits. We use antique dishes,tea cups and saucers. If we have the party inside, I cover the table with a cloth.

Since our tea party was outside today, I used a tea tray and covered it with a small tablecloth my sister gave me some years ago. The cloth is white and has green ivy stenciled around the edges. We have a wooded area behind us so I thought I would set up the tea table in the edge of the woods under a canopy of trees and ivy.

It is along a path we have carved out over the years. I strung a white sheet up in the low branches of the trees just slightly higher than our heads. I moved chairs from our sun porch along with a tray table and positioned them as if it were an alfresco dining area at a fine tea room. Adjacent to this area is an old window my husband attached to our fence and there is wild jasmine trailing all around it. We could look towards the window and make believe we were in a special room.

If we looked off into the woods, we could see sunlight peaking through and see the lone pine amidst the many oaks swaying in the breeze high above us. We saw a large butterfly with blue on its wings and a pair of blue jays flying to their nest high in the trees.

Our menu consisted of tea sandwiches of: fresh cucumber from our garden and turkey and muenster both on soft rolls, vanilla yogurt parfait topped with granola and blueberries, cucumber strips, strawberries, and peaches. All these are items SCS likes and are healthy for the most part. Being Southern girls, our tea was cold even though we poured it from a small tea pot into our china cups.

During tea, SCS praised me for the tea room decor and for picking 2 sandwiches she likes. "How did you know Grammy I would like these sandwiches?" We had a great conversation about Grammy's Little Tea Place as she named it and our surroundings. I sat there in my bliss and admired her freckles scattered across her nose and thought about how very blessed I am.

We went from girly tea party to a knight taking an adventure with her Grams to slay a dragon. She likes to think she's part Tom Boy, but she is too pretty to be much of a Tom Boy!

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  1. Hello. I found your blog today. Love your post. How sweet. This is something your granddaughter will never forget. Wonderful memories you are making with her.