Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Fun!

This will be a full week of fun! Tomorrow our granddaughter, age 6, and grandson, age 2, will arrive for a 2 day visit. Then on Thursday, my mother, sister and I will take an adventure in the mountains of North Carolina for 5 days.

We love staying in our little cabin by the river. Often times even in the summer we can keep the windows open for all or part of the day. We sit on the veranda in the porch swing and have blissful thoughts just listening to the birds and admiring the lovely flowers growing all around us.

Being familiar only with the female side of the spectrum, having had no sons; we have had a real awakening with all that a boy can do in a flash :)

He is constant motion and investigation with a yen for the mechanical. It is fascinating to us to watch how his mind works as opposed to a girl. If I didn't already know there is a difference, just watching him and comparing his behavior to his sister at the same age definitely points out major gaps between the sexes. Isn't it wonderful?!

When our grandchildren visit, everything revolves around them as much as possible. We have tea parties, treks through the woods, we make pizza, we play in the flour, we bake, we cook breakfast together, we explore the fish in the little yard pond, we ride the tractor, bikes, and wagons, we visit the farm, and local wildlife museum near the state lake in our area, ride the tractor/lawn mower, pick blackberries, fish at the lake, or just play in a plastic pool in the yard. They are easily entertained with just our being together doing simple no-cost activities.

Some of the quiet activities are card or board games, coloring, playing with the marble chaser.They could spend hours with the marble chaser. We have to have some quiet, indoor time since it gets so hot in the afternoon here.

I look forward to updating our girl trip to the mountains also.

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