Sunday, August 8, 2010

For Better or For Worse!

Do remember what the title of this post is while you read! There are those "worse" days in a marriage that pop up from unexpected time to time. This is one of those times.

Friday was our 38th anniversary! We had planned to travel to our cabin in the NC mountains, but due to unforeseen projects at work my husband was unable to take the week off for the trip. At midweek, he came home and said we would make a quick trip to the NC coast for 2 nights and return home in time to attend church today.

It was exciting to think we would be at the coast as we had not been there for several years now. We're not really beach people, but we are ocean people! We both enjoy the spray in our faces, the sound of the waves breaking against the shore, and picking up shells.

I was all packed and had finished several projects of my own when he arrived home midday Thursday. After rearranging his farm truck (because we did not want to expose our car to the salt water), we packed and were free from schedules and could move at a slower pace for a few days.

As we cruised along the interstate towards Wilmington, my husband said he wouldn't mind stopping in at a cow sale taking place in Smithfield. He thought I might mind the wait, but I reminded him we were on vacation and I was sure he would stop for me to see something if I asked, so we went to the sale. Since I had not had lunch before leaving home, I purchased a hot dog and sat in the shade with the breeze moving the branches of the surrounding pine trees. I was quite content knowing he was doing something he enjoyed and we had the next 2 days to enjoy the ocean.
We left home without reservations, but we found this motel by the ocean in Kure Beach that had space for us in suitable quarters. We could see the ocean from outside our door. A couple of chairs and the ocean breeze in our faces and we thought we were set for our adventure together.

It was getting late, so we went to Bowman's Seafood in Carolina Beach for dinner where we had been numerous times before (the food is good and the staff is excellent). If you like fried seafood, cole slaw and hush puppies, this is your kind of place. We each thoroughly enjoyed our feast!

After dinner, we returned to our room, freshened up, and walked down to the Kure Fishing Pier. It extends out into the ocean 711 feet! The breeze was stiff enough that I had on my denim jacket and it blew my hair in 40 different directions, but it was fun to see families strolling along and checking with the fishermen to see what they were catching. I remember doing this with my parents and sister as a child.

While we were on the pier, the town of Carolina Beach was having a fireworks display up the coastline from us. Everyone stopped to view the spectacle. It was quite lovely and I felt like a little child who had discovered a wonderful surprise.

We returned to our room and settled in for the night with plans to visit Southport by ferry the next day and to drive into Wilmington the day after before leaving for home. (Best laid plans, huh!)

When I awoke in the morning, I wished my hubby a happy anniversary and soon got out of bed. The world began to spin!!! I could not walk in a straight line--VERTIGO! I cannot express how disappointed I was to wake up on my 38th anniversary dizzy and soon to follow--NAUSEA! Ugh! I reported this to my husband and he suggested lying down awhile and see if it would wear off. It did not!

I was dizzy all day. I could sit outside our room in short intervals and watch the ocean and the sea air felt refreshing, but then I would have to return to my bed. I could hear the other guests coming and going and enjoying their time by the sea from my bed, but alas it was not meant to be for us.We stayed another night with hopes of salvaging some of our trip, but to no avail. We returned home Saturday early as there really was no rest for either of us overnight.

By late afternoon yesterday things were better and this morning I slept a little later than I usually do as I was exhausted. I am glad to report that today is a much brighter day. We made it to Sunday School and Worship. I'm thankful it did not hang on any longer than it did, but it would have been much better if it could have come some other time.

I hope we can revisit our 38th anniversary with some uneventful time away together soon! As is true with the rest of life, we do not get to pick when the "worse" times will show up. They certainly do make us appreciate the "better" times though don't they?

Year 39 has started, and we look forward to it together! We're sticking to our vows even when we hit the bumps in the road. Life together is still sweet regardless of the trials!


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better! I would love to plan an overnight beach trip with you and do something similar...well, similar to the original plan that is!

  2. sorry your anniversary trip didn't go as planned. life does throw us curve balls at times. looking forward to spending time with you at your lake house. see you in a few days. Elsie