Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Tea Ladies

Yesterday, I had 4 lovely friends over for high tea at noon.   Our menu consisted of egg salad sandwiches, raisin sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches, and cucumber sandwiches.  In addition, we had tea biscuits with lemon curd and fresh strawberries.  For dessert we enjoyed homemade pound cake, turtle brownies, and a variety of petit fours and other mini desserts. We had a variety of hot teas and of course iced tea and coffee.

To begin our genteel afternoon, we gathered on the sun porch and enjoyed a pepper jam appetizer.  I used a small jar of pepper jam (which I made summer of 2011) as a placecard at each of their place settings at the dining room table.  The jar of jam was a gift to each of my friends for attending my tea party.

The main reason we met for tea yesterday was to get to know our new minister's wife.  They moved to our little town just a few weeks ago and we are anxious to make her welcome. She is a lovely lady and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about her life as a minister's wife.

One of the ladies attending the tea prepared the delicious cucumber sandwiches and brought the mini desserts.  She came early to help me put the last minute touches on our special time together.  Good friends are a blessing!

After a relaxing afternoon of delectable food and great conversation and laughter, our time together came to a close.  I look forward to our next culinary adventure.

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