Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall Visit with Friends

My husband and I both love to travel, visit friends, and meet new people whether across the country or at a B&B in Pennsylvania.

We have Amish friends that we met when we stayed at their B&B in Lancaster County Pennsylvania (it's a working dairy farm) over 20 years ago. They have always made us feel like family.

Horse drawn hay wagon loaded with dozens of bales of hay

We visit them several times a year and they visit us sometimes while passing through to see their children who live south of us or they come to our lake house for a long weekend along with a dozen or so of their children and grandchildren some summers.

Amish woman pulling farm equipment with work horses

We just returned from a quick 3 day visit. They have opened their home not only to tourist through their B&B, but for over 25 years they were hosts to children from the inner cities through the Fresh Air Fund. This past weekend while we were there, a former Fresh Air child was visiting who now lives in California, is a nurse, and just completed the New York Marathon at age 39. It was wonderful to hear the impact this caring couple has made on her life as well as the lives of several siblings.

She thinks of them as Mom and Dad and their children as her brothers and sisters. The Fresh Air Fund has assisted in the lives of thousands of children who just needed the love and attention of caring adult role models and to see the dynamics of a well-functioning family.

Cozy moments

When we are there, we are among friends through their extended family members. They open their hearts and homes to us and whoever we bring along. It's like a breath of fresh air for us as well. They appreciate the life we've been given and know who controls it all.

Their home is Christ-centered as is shown through their church community, home devotions, meal time prayer, and their way of life that goes on no matter who is visiting. It's wonderful to be a part of their world even if it's just a few days here and there.

Dining room dressed for fall

My sister-in-law (who was along this trip)and I did some shopping while in PA. We attended a quilt auction, purchased pies at an Amish bake shop, found numerous items for stocking stuffers in the Amish stores, made note of several ideas for our homes to implement this Christmas, and made purchases in the bulk food stores that dot the landscape.

Our garden gate

Meanwhile my husband and 2 of his brothers went to the Bowery in New York City with a group of Mennonite youth and leaders to hand out tracts and participate in a worship service. They were up over 22 hours and on a bus over 10 hours. They were glad they went and were able to witness to others.

Spotted this hot air balloon while in Strasburg

One of our Amish friends is manager of an Amish store and she is ordering tea pot cookie cutters for us to use as favors next spring at our niece's tea that will be in our home. At her store they were only 45 cents each. What a bargain! At another store I found orange curd which will be used on tea biscuits at the tea and durin
g the upcoming holiday season.

Fall mantle

Today I'm catching up on laundry and feathering my nest with the items I purchased while away. I reconfigured my fall mantle and stored away the Christmas items until after Thanksgiving when we will purchase our tree, put out the Christmas village with our granddaughter, and spruce up our home for Christmas. I can't wait!

Alcove above refrigerator.

I'm blessed to have such good Christian friends, time to travel, and opportunities to bask in God's goodness to our family.

I removed the tea cups and added these mini pumpkins

Today's post includes pictures of some of the fall touches around our home. I hope you enjoy them.

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  1. I love the table, mantle and kitchen decorations! I need to get there soon. Looking forward to our PA trip whenever we go.