Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekend at the Lake

Deck view on sunny day at the lake
Our life together is so full all the time that we have not had an opportunity to get to our lake home for some time. My hubby works about 55 hours a week at his job and tries to have a small cattle/hay farm in addition. This keeps him running ragged during the daylight saving time of the year because he is an A personality who always has several projects going.

Granddaddy and Granddaughter

The lake yard needed work as we have multiple large trees and the leaves are shedding faster now than we can control them. Since our lake neighbors live there year round, we try to keep our yard especially tidy all the time so as not to make the neighborhood look unkempt. So it was decided we would overnight at the lake yesterday.

We managed to mow the leaves into mulch just as the sun set last night. We typically don't work on Sunday unless something arises that we have to take care of it like feed the farm animals.

Dusk on a nice day at the lake

There was one more job to complete--to winterize the water vehicles. We only needed to get the jet ski off its perch and loaded onto its trailer to secure it in the garage for the winter, so we waited until after a lazy, large breakfast. Husband lit the gas logs and we dawdled by the fire with a second cup of coffee, reading material and conversation.

Serious Swimmer

My husband realized that the ground was going to be too soggy to pull the jet ski trailer out of the lake when the rain continued to get heavier. So we ended our leisure time by the fire and he said he could handle the job by himself as he didn't want me to get wet and be in the cool air.

I watched from my warm nest inside just to be sure he didn't fall in the lake or have other issues. As he was attempting to pull the jet ski trailer out of the lake, I could see the tires on the truck were spinning even with the 4 wheel drive. I donned my raincoat and went out to help. Once he realized after several attempts that the trailer and jet ski were too heavy for the slick hill, he unhooked the trailer and moved the truck up the sloping yard to a more suitable angle.

He improvised a method to hoist the trailer out of the lake and up the hill with me driving the truck. Then we pulled and pushed the loaded trailer by hand into the garage. I slipped in the mud once and got a muddy knee and he was drenched head to toe, but fortunately I had towels from the dryer for him when he was finished. He had to hose down the truck, jet ski, trailer and himself and then repair the ruts in the yard after changing to dry clothes and boots.

We ended our time at the lake with coffee and tea by the fire as we waited for the laundry to finish. When I arrived home an hour later and while husband was at the farm feeding the cows and collecting eggs, I built a fire in the fireplace as it has started turning a good bit cooler. I suppose fall is here after all.

Good times at the lake this summer

As I'm sitting writing this, our kitten Scruffy jumped in my lap and started chewing on my sweater buttons. He is a trip! He is very busy catching mice as you can see by his girth. He is long haired and I know that makes him appear larger, but he is also getting very rotund! He is less than 6 months old.

Have a great week!

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  1. Trying the comment again! What I said was first, you left out a few details of the story. You did not tell what Dad was WEARING. If you had, the readers would know he was doomed from the get-go. Second, I see you've added new blogs in your link area. I like it!!