Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Birthday Central!

Today's my husband's birthday! It's also my sister's birthday and my husband's twin brother's birthday. Our phone stays busy either making or receiving calls every March 24th!

I always try to make it special on my hubby's birthday. Today I wrote him a birthday message on the chalk board on our pantry door with lots of color--chalk confetti and balloons. I enjoy leaving him messages there. It's like giving a little gift each time I do it. It makes me smile.

For dinner tonight, I moved a small table in front of the fireplace and covered it with a blue and white window pane check table cloth I picked up in an antique shop in Oregon a couple of years ago. I remember where I bought it because the lady was so nice. It was only $5 because it has a few small holes in it. I cover the holes with dishes, or flowers, or cutlery. I plan to get some iron on fabric to patch the holes with so it will be a little more presentable and sturdy.

I picked yellow forsythia, pale pink camellias, dark pink camellias, and a purple bell shaped flower that I don't know the name of (they smell like perfume) and made a small arrangement that I put in a small white creamer. Our napkins were Carolina blue. My husband had the "star plate" that has been in our family for over 20 years.

I got it from Pier 1 when our daughters were young for a few dollars. Over the years, we used it if there were good grades to celebrate or on someone's birthday or just to celebrate a guest who was visiting. It was always special and interesting to see how we could use it to encourage someone.

My dinner plate tonight was a pale blue fire king square plate. We each had a cup and saucer that matched the fire king plate. The beverage glasses were forest green Boopie glasses. My husband's favorite meal includes hamburger steak, so that's what I prepared for him tonight on the grill. Along with that we had green beans I canned last summer (Slenderettes--we purchase the seeds in Pennsylvania), baked potatoes, and yummy crescent rolls.

For a surprise dessert, I made a Key Lime Cake complete with birthday candles. I say surprise dessert because I'm not a big baker. I can bake, but I just don't bake often because I'm not much for sugar myself and it just doesn't occur to me to bake. Call me crazy!

My husband made a big deal over the supper. He says I always make him feel special, but isn't that what we do as Christian wives? He has always been loving, caring, a great father, a good provider, and a husband that took his role as head of the household seriously.

We made a conscious decision before we married that our home would follow the teachings concerning husbands and wives according to the Bible. God has a Plan and it has worked wonderfully for us and our family. I'm very thankful for my husband and I appreciate and love him very much!

I used to tell him if I'd had a catalog that I could have picked a husband from, it would have been someone with all his qualities. He's very special!


  1. Dad IS a great Dad!!! What a wonderful way to celebrate him!! We are blessed to have him. I realize every day that not everyone is so lucky and it makes me stop right then and thank God. You should post the cake recipe. I like Key Lime stuff! And I've already shared your star plate idea with a friend who has a small child. I remember it made us feel so special!

  2. That sounds like such a wonderful meal!