Monday, November 29, 2010

Preparing our hearts and home for the coming of our Savior

The stockings were hung with care and a little glitter.

Our minister recently wrote in our church newsletter about the hurried preparations the world makes for the "holiday" season, but he prompted us to think about preparing our hearts for the coming of our Savior. Advent is just that time. It is not a time of spending, fighting crowds at the mall, exhausting our budgets or ourselves.

Peace and Joy!

It made me think once more of what I need to take stock of not only now approaching Christmas, but everyday as I'm given another opportunity to praise God and seek the opportunities to serve Him through service to others.

Per our 2 year old grandson--all aboard!

Over the years, we haven't made things the center of our Christmas. We wanted our children to understand that the reason we give gifts is because it's Christ's birthday and God gave us the greatest gift through Christ.

We decorated primarily with silver, red, and white this year.

This month as I've attempted to transform our home to a welcoming, exciting place I've also made it a labor of love. I once read a book that said to do all "chores" as unto the Lord. I thought of that little book yesterday as I made the bed. I want everything I do to glorify Christ. I have been singing or listening to Christmas music for weeks now during my homekeeping and errands and it definitely speaks to me and my relationship with God.

The grandchildren helped me string the popcorn!

I've been in the midst of coordinating mission projects at 2 of our local schools assisting needy children and families with the Christmas spirit. In each circumstance, we have let the individuals know that we are there because Christ was the ultimate gift and we as Christians want to share that gift with them. Our prayer is that we are sowing seeds to reap the harvest in the future for Christ in those families. Please pray with me that these children and adults will accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Holly and Ivy bird nesting in the kitchen.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  1. Love your little "nest" in the kitchen! I couldn't find your email to answer your question of where I got my tablecloth. It's actually a lap quilt I bought at some local store.