Thursday, June 30, 2011

Freedom--Who Decides

My husband and I watched the movie The Patriot recently. I know this has been out for some time, but since we are not big movie goers or watchers we had not seen it.We thought this one might be something we were interested in.

It was heart wrenching at times and sad, but the thing that stood out for me was how cruel people can be just to prove a point or not give in even when they know what they are fighting for is wrong. What makes us this way?

Freedom is a true gift. Is it a gift for some and not for others and why do we think we can withhold freedom just because we may have been born into better circumstances than another person? Does the color of one's skin, the way they sound, or their gender give or take away the freedoms
with which we all should be endowed ?

Why can we all not be free to work hard and be our best? Let's not look at the outside of the next person we see. Let's make a point of seeing the best in each other rather than the differences we each have.Let's help each other light that spark that can make each of us better and thus make all of us better.

This July 4th let's be free to put labels aside and truly be a free people!

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