Monday, July 25, 2011

Good Friends, Blazing Temperatures, Corn

Last week we visited friends in Pennsylvania. The temperatures were over 100 degrees several days and we stayed inside as much as possible. For dinner 2 nights we had the most delicious corn and tomatoes ever! We purchased both from an Amish lady and her 4 small children. She was as nice as could be.

Our New Order Amish friends were great hosts once again at their B&B. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with them and look forward to them visiting at the lake with us next month. We enjoyed an evening under the stars with one of their sons and his family and were treated to root beer floats and wonderful conversation. One morning we met up with their daughter and her husband for a leisurely breakfast at the Bird-in-Hand Restaurant. The food and wait staff are both excellent. It is a joy to sit and visit with good friends.

While at our friends' Bed & Breakfast, we met a young woman from Colorado who was traveling and gathering information for a book she is writing. Another night, 3 guests from France stayed and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting them and finding out how much alike we all are. Another night, 3 guests from Michigan stayed and we talked about Habitat for Humanity (one of the men works for HFH) and enjoyed sharing how God works in our lives.

While in the Strasburg, PA area we looked up a friend we had not seen in about 20 years. She is Old Order Amish and lives on the farm that the movie "Witness" was filmed on. This is the walkway leading up to her home. The farm house in the movie is gone now and a new house is in its place. Tourist groups still come to the farm to see the scenery that was so beautiful in the movie.

This is the birdhouse Harrison Ford's character had a run in with in the movie. I didn't remember that, but my husband did and our friend referenced that also.

It was so good to see her after all these years. She was still very much the same as when we last saw her, just a little older like the rest of us. It was such a joy to be with her again and talk about times gone by. I hope it's not another 20 years before we see her again.

The weather was extremely hot, but the friends and strangers alike were welcoming and warmed our hearts.


  1. Loved this post. I'm so glad you got to visit.

  2. What a lovely walkway! I remember that movie well but don't remember that bit with the birdhouse.