Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Great Time Was Had By All!

Whitsome (internet photo)

We had an exciting weekend with a walking tour of historical homes, including 2 plantations and several churches, in Warrenton,  NC, and my husband completed the "treehouse" at our farm.

The homes and the people who were there to explain about the homes were fascinating.  The docents were well informed and cordial.  The houses were immaculate, intriguing, and quite wondrous.

One couple we met is restoring a home, Whitsome, for their retirement in 3 years.  Envious!  Others had lived in the homes most of their adult lives and had wonderful collections and memories.

After the tour, my sister and I went over to our farm and enjoyed the rest of the day with my grandchildren and their parents, my son-in-law's mother, and my husband.  We had the unveiling of the "treehouse" my husband finished in about a week.  It is 9 feet off the ground and on the edge of the pond.  

 We had a picnic on the truck tailgate.  Hot dogs, cheeseburgers, all the fixings, potato salad, and homemade brownies and key lime pie made our celebration feast!  

Some of us sat by the fire pit because it was a damp, cold afternoon and some of the family went on a little fishing expedition.  My son-in-law was so excited about his catch. 

A great time was had by all!

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  1. Love your pictures! I hope B threw that fish back in!!! :)