Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Full!

On Friday, we were at our grandchildren's home most of the day. My husband had business in a nearby town so I took the opportunity to go with him to see our sweetie pies. It's always good to be there. Our 6 year old granddaughter slept with us Thursday night and Friday morning my husband said he thinks she'll be a kick boxer when she grows up. She had a restless night.

On Saturday morning, our youngest daughter called and we planned to meet in a small town between us for lunch. The restaurant is in a downtown storefront that used to be a hardware store. The original wooden floors and shelving are like they were over a hundred years ago. All the sandwiches are named after things that you would find in a hardware store--mouse trap, hammer, blow torch etc. We had a great time visiting and we went in a few stores looking for something interesting to pretty up our homes and lives with. We each found a ceramic bird to add to our home decor.

My husband and I spent an overnight at our lake home this weekend so we could be sure the yard was not overgrown and unkempt. After my husband tended the yard, we got busy preparing dinner. He had arrived earlier than I did and turned everything on so the house would be toasty warm as our weather can't make up it's mind if it's winter or spring.

We had a very simple dinner of barbeque chicken, stewed potatoes, and slaw by the fireplace. My husband's cousin had brought by an apple cake this week because I had knee surgery a week and a half ago so we had that for dessert. It was a cozy, relaxing time for the two of us to catch up from a busy week. After dinner, we watched the movie Blindside. It was a good story and gives you hope that there are still many good people out there.

Husband's week was filled with baby calves and new moms at the farm in addition to his full time job. He also found time to get the garden ready for summer plantings. He planted garden peas, potatoes, and onions a week or so ago. It's been so wet here that he couldn't get in the garden in February when he normally would have planted these items.

Since we bought whole chickens on sale recently, I split them in half to freeze instead of cutting them up in multiple pieces. I can do that later if I need to and it didn't take a long time to cut them in half.

I tell you this because I think I made a discovery about grilling chicken. Often times, our chicken from the grill is dry, but this time cooking it in halves, I think it was moister. Grilling it in just two pieces may have kept in some of the juices. I think this is the way to do it. I think the leftovers will be juicier from the halves also.

Have a great Holy Week!

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  1. Did you tell me you saw the Blindside? Did you like it? You may have and I forgot.